MIS & Mass Communication

MIS & Mass Communication

To connect world and communicate all around is interesting. Hawk Vision has extensive experience and background in providing MIS & mass communication services for clients around globe via contemporary and well-developed technologies and strategies. These services bless clients to impart and exchange information on wide range scale. Since, transmitting information is essentially required to run and develop the world of business.

Hawk Vision’s MIS & mass communication team is comprised of MIS & mass communication specialists and software engineers who have extensive knowledge of information technology, computer science, software design, world of communication and other IT related areas. Hawk Vision has been engaged in designing and implementing both IT and mass communication projects for more than a decade, we do our level best to provide best and quality services in this major field.

Our IT & communication services include:

»    Delivery of IT & communication equipment and accessories

»    Networking and Network Configuration

»    VOIP Installation

»    Troubleshooting

»    Data Center Services

»    Cyber Security Services

»    IT & Communication Training

»    Database and Application Services

»    Web Designing and Web Development

»    Unified Communication Services

»    Tele Presence Services

»    Digital Signage Services

»    Sound System Wiring, Installation

Our Media services include:

»    Video

»    Audio

»    Graphics

»    Billboard

»    Mobile Media

»    Theater

»    Training

»    Printing

»    Media Equipment Imports, Setup, Installation and Configuration


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