E-Services & E-Governance

E-Services & E-Governance

Over the past decades, the concept of e-services and e-governance has changed constantly. A rapid progress has been observed towards e-services and e-governance. Maturity has continued in government organizations and other organizations. Recognizing the greater importance of e-governance.

Hawk Vision has proved itself very efficient via delivering exceptional results in various government related projects. We deliver e-services to private institutions, international funding agencies and government organizations in all over Afghanistan.

In e-governance services we:

Define vision, mission and objectives of e-governance.

Develop e-governance strategy taking into account all key objectives, means, and alternatives to achieving the objectives, target groups, target services.

Prepare detailed design requirements, outcome of the vision, strategic planning processes and a  picture of key target areas.

E-services help various elements of the community to connect and communicate with each other.

Our e-services

  1. Government to government
  2. Government to civilian
  3. Civilian to Government
  4. Government to business
  5. Business to government
  6. Government to employee
  7. Employee to government
  8. Business to employee
  9. Employee to Business


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